Film, TV and Commercials
I write for commercial media. One of my compositions, Awakenings, was written for an upcoming documentary short.
Parties, Receptions and Events
Music can enhance the mood of a party or reception, don't you agree!  With a mix of my own compositions and covers, I enjoy playing for private and public events (see testimonials).  I like to suit the music to fit the tenor of the gathering.

I love to lead sing-alongs and enjoy having others join in (see testimonials).  I am a bit of a karaoke box when it comes to certain genres like rock/pop, folk, show tunes and light jazz.  My favorites range from Billy Joel and James Taylor to Nora Jones, Santana, and Jason Mraz.

Weddings and Custom Composition for Life Events
I play for weddings, memorials services, birthdays, and life celebrations.  I'm happy to compose tailored pieces for you for significant life events.

Collaboration and Accompaniment
I love to collaborate with others, in primary or supporting roles.  Love to accompany and spotlight new artists, such as rising star, Sarah J.  (see sample).