My Story

Hi. Larry Ebert here. I'm playing piano a whole lot these days, composing and performing.
My grandfather, Ben -- Benny the BoomBoom -- was a professional jazz drummer and a great inspiration.  I took classical piano lessons for a few years but quit because I preferred rock and wasn't into recitals. I switched to drums and percussion.

Grandpa Ben helped me buy my first drum set.  I began singing in high school and added piano back when I discovered that I had an ear, that I could hear songs that I liked from the radio and replicate them on the piano while adding my own flair.  I've played every day since.
I was blessed to be able to translate my emotions into music, at least that's how it feels for me.  Most of the time the melodies "just happen."  My compositions span the emotions but often contain elements of melancholia, inspiration, nostalgia, struggle and triumph.  Oh, and love, of course!  

I like to write for film and dance, and life events, where I can match the emotional content of my music to the other media or art form.  And I'm open to experimenting, expanding what is possible.
My goal at the moment is to complete some of my compositions and share them with you. I also love to play for parties and receptions, and lead sing-alongs.  There's something special about playing for and with others, singing, taking requests and covering lots of songs.  Please check out my music and, if so inclined, sign up for my mailing list so I can let you know about cool new stuff coming down the pike.